Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You would think that a lifetime of relationships would  make one an expert, but it doesn't. If anything, the more I have, the more I realize how much I don't know. I've had acquaintances, friends, and best friends. Some are still in my life and others I've had to let go of. That's the way of life I suppose, but that's okay.

Anyone you let into your life will hurt you. I used to make the promise of never doing that, but I'm a liar if I can claim that I never will.

Here's the deal... any relationship you involve yourself with will be met with heartbreak and disappointment. But, don't let that stop you from letting people in. It is the response that will shine through.

One of my favorite relationships is one between a ten year old and her best friend. Now granted, all I see are the words and pictures, but those are enough to show the kind of friendship they have. The smiles are genuinely happy smiles and the words are full of love. That is the way I want to represent the relationships present in my life. I want people to see loving smiles and words full of love when they see me with others. I want to see people as the image of God; His creation.

There are few relationships in my life that are truly genuine. These friendships are ones that have seen me at some of my ugliest moments... some of my most vulnerable moments.... and some of my absolute worst moments. These moments are full of falling apart, spouting ugly words, and thinking the worst of thoughts. We've fallen into some heartbreaking places, but I am still welcomed and loved. I am still cared for and sought after. Even after those moments, time with these friends still bring me to life and stir my affections for Jesus. I can have a conversation about today, or one about what's truly digging at me and still feel just as loved and loving. I believe God designed us that way. In such a way that even though we are fallen and prone to hurt, we can still encounter life and beauty when we are in community with eachother.

That my friends, is the lesson for today.